Onboarding / Contract System

For Human Resources (HR) or any Administration offices, the Hirezon Onboarding / Contract System provides the ability to create customized welcome packets for new hire (onboarding related paperwork) or contract / offer letter for new hire or reappointment letter for current employees. Admin users have wide flexibility in assigning user privileges to other staff in the organization. System supports one or more workflows for operational efficiency.

Account Dashboard Terms:

 Name Description
DashboardA dashboard provides at-a-glance views of all your Packets (onboarding/contract/offer letter) progress from start to completion. 
NotificationsUsers can view a copy of all system emails sent to them (assigned task emails, etc.)
TaskAn actionable item: a work item to be done
FormElectronic form that is fillable by one or more users as per workflow.
Refers to a collection of forms for specific workflows e.g. New Hire Template, etc.
A packet comprises of one or more forms for a specific onboarding/contract/offer letter
All PacketsRefers to all In Progress Packets that users can access based on their role
My PacketsRefers to all packets created/initiated by you. You can view packets both in Progress and Incomplete status
Assigned to MeRefers to a task that is assigned to you. You can view these tasks in any of the following sections "Assigned to me" ; " Waiting for task Approval" ; Waiting for my completion"
In ProgressAll published packets are viewable in the "In Progress" section created by you and other users
IncompleteRefers to all packets created/initiated by you or other users but not published
CompletedA packet in the completed section refers that all forms and the assigned tasks are completed fully. No pending tasks.
FiltersAdmin and manager users can apply filters to search for packets
  • System supports Admin and Manager users to view the status of a task in a packet (Status Reports).
  • Admin users can also generate a report of how many times a specific form is being used in a packet for a specific duration (monthly or yearly basis) (E-Form Reports)
InstructionsUsers can view Instruction details to do the work on packets and tasks
HelpUsers can get assistance via the online Help Desk if there are system issues
Log OutUsers can terminate onboarding access temporarily
AccountAccount profile that is editable by users for any changes
ModulesUsers have permission to access one or more modules in the Hirezon-IE system
UsersThose who do have permission to access the system/module
ActionsUsers can view or edit or delete a packet
System generated unique number for a packet
New hire or contractor or existing employee
User who initiates or creates a packet
Refers status of a packet progress determined by the number of tasks from start to completion
Start Date
Refers the start date of the new Employee (Joining day)
Date the packet has been updated in In Progress section 
Date the packet has been created in Incompleted section
Date the packet is moved to completed section
Packets Open by Days
Refers the number of days the packets remain in In Progress Section