HR Admin users can manage the features and functions of your Interview Exchange Performance Evaluation System account from any computer that is connected to the Internet.

HR Admin users can access the system using his/her unique UserID/login from any Internet-connected computer. UserID is an email address. The password must be 6 to 10 characters with at least one number and no special characters, e.g., !@#$%^&*()_+

Note: Once an account has been created by the Super Admin user, you will receive an email with your account login and temporary password for registration. You can change the password on the Registration page. After you create a new password, the system sends you an “Account Update” email. You can reset and retrieve your temporary password via email at any time by clicking Forgot Password.

After login, you arrive at your personal user console (see below). From this screen you can manage all activities authorized for your account.

The following table defines each of the page details.

DashboardYour personalized landing page after login.
NotificationsDisplays all pending work.
My ReviewsDisplays your Evaluation Form(s) and review(s)
My Team ReviewsDisplays the Evaluation Form(s) and review(s) of your employees only.
All ReviewsDisplays all Evaluation Forms and their review(s) for all employees in the organization.
Start Review

Enables you to create and customize an Evalutaion Form for your employee.

Appropriate template Forms are available via Template lists and are originally created by your HR Admin user.

Action itemsDisplays a “to do list” of evaluation remainders.
Guest ReviewDisplays any new Forms that need your attention, e.g., you may have been invited to review an evaluation Form as 360 Guest Reviewer.
AccountDisplays user account details.
HelpHow to contact Interview Exchange for assistance.
Log outEnds account session.
Switch Module**Lets you switch back to Applicant Tracking System (ATS) module (if applicabe) and vice versa without login credentials.

**  Not available to all users.

The following table defines each of the page details of the Performance Review tab.

Performance Review 
Start Review Period

Displays the fields for you to create Performance Review Period, e.g.,  July 2010  to June 2012, a four-month period, etc.

The period you create will appear in the Reviewer Period dropdown list when a supervisor customizes an Evaluation Form for an employee.

List TemplatesDisplays all Evaluation Form templates created by HR Admin users.
Create TemplateDisplays a field where HR can give a name for an Evaluation Form, e.g., Performance Evaluation 2010-11, Staff Evaluation 2010-11, etc.

As an HR Admin user, you can create an Evaluation Form template as described below and make it available to all Supervisors and Employees.

HR Admin user functions (see below)

Create all possible types of Evaluation Forms and make them available to Supervisors, Employees and 360 Reviewers

Examples of Evaluation Forms are listed below:

  1. Form that includes all sections with goals/questions/competency ratings without scores or weights.
  2. Form that includes sections with goals/questions/competency ratings with scores or weights.
  3. Form that includes some sections with scores/weights and some sections non-scored/non-weighted. This type lets you mix and match sections with goals/questions/competency ratings.


  • These Forms are configurable as either position-specific or department-specific.
  • These Forms are also configurable by including the Self-appraisal feature and/or the 360 Degree Guest reviewer feature.
  • HR Admin user can give editing privileges to supervisor for one or more sections of the evaluation Form.
  • The response/outcome of one or more sections of the Form is exportable to reports if those sections are non-scored. Reports (downloadable in Excel format) enable you to identify individual employee strengths and weaknesses based on their respective performance reviews.
  • HR Admin user can view the real time status of all Evaluation Forms, whether they are completed, in the routing process, in-progress, etc.