Our online performance evaluation system enables your organization to create several types of Evaluation Forms and make them available to all assigned users with different roles and responsibilities within your organization.

Examples of Evaluation Forms are:

  1. Form that includes all sections with goals/questions/competency ratings, non-scored or weighted.
  2. Form that includes sections with goals/questions/competency ratings with scores or weighted.
  3. Form that includes some sections with scores/weights and some sections non-scored/non-weighted. This type lets you mix and match sections with goals/questions/competency ratings.



  • These Forms are configurable to be either position-specific or department-specific.
  • These Forms are configurable by including the “Self-appraisal” feature and/or the “360-Degree Guest Reviewer” feature.
  • HR Admin user can give editing privileges to Supervisor users for one or more sections of the Evaluation Form.
  • The response/outcome of one or more sections of the Form is exportable to reports if those sections are non-scored.
  • Comprehensive reports (downloadable in Excel Format) help identify individual employee strengths and weaknesses based on the respective performance reviews.