Starting a New Packet

  1. From the Dashboard, click Start New Packet. The following page is displayed.
  1. Enter the name for the packet title in Title field.  E.g.; Employee Name
  2. Enter the name of the new hire / employee in the Name field. E.g., “John Doe”
  3. Enter the email address of the new hire / employee in the E-mail field. If the user is already in the system as an existing employee or contractor, you will be prompted to select that user.
  4. Select Department from the dropdown list 
  5. Select the required template from the dropdown list 

Note: If your ATS is integrated with the Onboarding system, then you can initiate the new welcome packet from the candidate page of the ATS by clicking the “Onboard” link (see below). HR Admin users or Hiring Manager users (optional) can initiate a new hire packet. Contact our Help Desk if Hiring Manager needs to initiate onboarding packets- Not recommended.

The following page is displayed.

Please note the Fields like Title, Name with email is automatically populated from the ATS.

  1. Select the required template for this new hire. To preview the template, click the icon next to the Template dropdown.

  1. Click Create to create the packet. The following page is displayed.
  1. Review the title or email is correct. Otherwise you can correct it.
  2. Review all sections and make sure employee name is assigned by default.
  3. You can add one or more employer users as assignee in the tasks. Contact our Help desk if you prefer to hardcode assignee.  
  4. Select the start date. Start date will be displayed in the dashboard for your reference.
  5. By default, the instructions are provided in the Instructions to New Hire section. You can modify it if applicable and click Save Message to save it.

Note: To hide the Instructions to New Hire section, click the Instructions link at the top right corner of the form. Also the link on the Candidate ID number next to the new hire name will direct you to view candidate details page in the ATS.

  1. Once, routing (optional), guest (optional) and assignees (*required) are added on this page, click Publish. This starts the process and email notification will be sent to the First assignee of the welcome packet..  


Starting a New Packet with Offer letter or Contract?

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