Workflow for Position Request for Posting; Recommendation to Hire or Hiring Proposal

To create a new recruitment related Form, go to the Forms module dashboard, click “Start New Form” and complete all the fields as shown in screenshot 1 below. If you select position request form, you will be given an option of writing the position title or selecting a title by using the job template library. Once you click “Create Form” you will be directed to a page to (screenshots 2-10):

  • Complete the form and associated tasks and actions
  • Read the task related instructions if applicable
  • Revising the job description (if it is appropriate based on your role)
  • Sending the completed task for approvals, viewing approval status and approvers (via the Task Routing link), etc. 
    Note: Approvers may already be preconfigured in the system as per your Department selection. Please contact your Human Resources for your Department workflow.
  • Using the upload tool for adding attachments.
  • Utilizing the Discussion feature to write comments and share notes with other approvers about anything they need to know about your form request.

Please contact your Human resources for any additional questions/clarifications.

Screenshot 1

Screenshot 2


Screenshot 3


Screenshot 4


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Screenshot 6


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Screenshot 8

Screenshot 9

Screenshot 10

Task Routing screen (Super Admin view)

Super Admin can approve on behalf of other approvers, add additional approvers as proxy, add new approvers or replace existing approvers.

Task Routing screen (Approvers view)

Screenshot 11


Task Routing screen (Super Admin User view)

Task Routing screen (Approvers view)

Task levelFor each task appropriate custom Instruction text should be included
Task level - Actions: GuestsYou can add other users as guests to view (read-only) that task
Task level - Actions: Mark as Incomplete
(Viewable only by Admin and Originator)
This action allows you to modify the locked form into editable mode. Once you click Mark as Incomplete, you need to republish via Actions and send the final version to next approver (if you are originator) or to Originator (if you are an Admin user)
Task level - Actions: RepublishThis allows you to revise the form with changes.
Task level - RoutingYou can view the list of approvers. Also, view the status of approvals in real time.
Form level - RoutingThis will be hidden soon
Form level - Close FormYou can close the form and all tasks for any reason.
Form level - GuestsYou can add other users as a guest to view all tasks in that form. No action required
Form level - Active TasksOnly Active tasks to be completed or in progress are viewable
Form level - Completed TasksCompleted
Form level - Upcoming TasksTasks coming up after existing active tasks