This feature enables the form originator or HR to copy data from the first task of an existing form to the first task of a new form. 


  1. Data can only be copied between the same template. 
  2. This feature can only be used if the template for the existing form has not been deactivated (see below).
  3. Data is only copied between the common subtasks (and Electronic Forms) within the first task of the existing and new forms. 
  4. Dependent tasks data is not copied over as the data and processing of dependent tasks is based on the new forms workflow.
Note: If a form has been manually closed, then it will have to be re-opened to be able to utilize this feature.

Please see screencast below for a brief overview.

Note: If template has been deactivated due to workflow or Electronic Form changes requested by your HR team, you will receive the message below. You will not be able automatically copy data to a new form and will have to create a new form to reflect the recent workflow/Form changes.