Click Users (screenshot 1)

Screenshot 1

From the Manage Users page (screenshot 2), HR Super Admin user can give permission to employees who already have access to other modules by click their name and adding permissions. If the employee is a new user and doesn’t have access to other modules, then click Add New User button (screenshot 2) and add permissions.

Screenshot 2


In the HR Forms module, there are only 2 user roles in addition to Super Admin user. They are:

  1. Employees
  2. HR Admin

You can give these users access to all forms of one or more departments or all departments (screenshots 3 & 4). Also, you can give permission to specific categories (e.g., Recruitment Related, Personal Records, etc.)

Note: For example: If the user is HR Admin user, give access to All Departments. If the user is a secretary, give access to one or more individual departments.

Screenshot 3
Add permissions to employees who have access to other modules


Screenshot 4
Add permission to employees who do not have access to other modules