The Manage Jobs section provides a view of all your Open and Closed Jobs with a list of all Applicant submissions available for consideration.

On this page you are able to sort the data by Job ID, Title, Department, Created, Starts, Ends,  Applies, Hits. % Applies simply by clicking on the respective title link. Click the  icon to see a quick view of the  Hiring Team Reviewers for that position.

Click on a job in the Title column to view the Applicant ShortList page. There you can rank, sort and manage Applicants in the Qualified and All Applicant folders.

The Job ID number is the Interview Exchange system-generated unique identifier for this posting. This unique number identifies the posting for all functions and cross references. Interview Exchange creates this number automatically when the job details are first entered in the system. You have an option of posting the job at any start date.

The Manage Jobs page provides the following tools/links:

  • Add new job postings.
  • Manage open/closed jobs
  • Sort jobs by Date, Applicants, ID or TitleDepartment.
  • Manage requisitions for position request (optional Requisitions module- Version 1).
  • The All Users button directs you to view other registered users' account dashboards.
  • When the All Users functionality is enabled in your account, Super Admin or HR Admin users can search all posted jobs via the Job Search feature. Job Search enables you to find any of the jobs in any given year posted by you or other HR Admin user. You can search using Job ID or Keywords

Managing Jobs

The Manage Jobs page identifies job postings in your account as Open Jobs tab or Closed Jobs tab. Open Job postings are currently active in your organization's website. Job postings that are currently works-in-progress (that are not yet live on your website) are listed as Incomplete in the Open Jobs column.

A Closed Job posting has passed its Ends date or a HR Admin user has closed it, and it is no longer listed on your website.

By clicking on a job title you will land on the Applicant ShortList page, where you can rank, sort and manage Applicants from the Qualified and All Applicants folders.



Job ID

Automatically displayed and it is created by the database.

Review team members.


Job title.


Job for a specific department

The date on which the job was first entered in the system. 


The date on which the job was first posted for applicants to apply.


The date on which the job posting will end.

Note: The system will send you a reminder via email 3-5 days prior to this close date. The job closes automatically at 11:59 pm on the Ends date.


Displays the number of individuals who have applied for the job through Interview Exchange.


Displays the number of job advertisement views in one or more sources by one or more Applicants.

% Applies

Displays the number of Applicants as a percentage of the hits count. This is an important metric. It indicates the proportion of Applicants who showed interest in the job, but who self-screened out of the Applicant pool after viewing the COREquisites questions, which focus directly on the Employer-specified job requirements. Importantly, these questions educate the Applicants about what the Employer considers a qualified Applicant.

Job Search

When the All Users functionality is enabled in your account, Super Admin or HR Admin users can search all posted jobs via the Job Search feature.


Create a New Job Posting.  Click here to see details.