Updated on 12/11/2019
Interview Exchange Employer Manual
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Welcome and thank you for choosing Interview Exchange Applicant Tracking (ATS), a product of Hirezon Corporation. This easy-to-use web-based application streamlines the recruiting process, including sourcing, screening, workflow and metrics.

Additional modules, which can be added to the ATS at any time, include:

  • Forms Module for Position (Vacancy) Request and Hiring Proposal (Candidate Recommendation) for Review and Approval
  • Job Description Library
  • E-Form module for employment application and other recruitment related consent or disclosure forms
  • References module for collecting confidential recommendation letter from References
  • Vendor/Agency Management module


Interview Exchange ATS is integrated with other vendor products for

  • External job board postings and,
  • Background check services


Please contact us for other vendor integrated product details.


This application system enables:

  • HR Administrators
  • HR Administrators with EEO data access
  • Recruiters
  • Hiring Managers/Search Committee Chair and
  • Reviewers/Search Committee Members

to become more productive quickly, this in turn saves time/money.

Further, the system enables Applicants to identify and focus their efforts on jobs through a series of minimum requirement screening questions (COREquisites) that foster an optimal match with their skills, experience and goals. From their Applicant account dash board, the candidate can manage job applications online. For example, Applicants can respond to additional questions from the Employer, upload additional files, know the status message of the job (e.g., open, closed, filled, and cancelled) or withdraw the application or search for new jobs to in the future.

Note: For the purposes of this document, the terms Applicant and Candidate are interchangeable.