Welcome and thank you for choosing the Interview Exchange Applicant Tracking System (ATS), a HR Software product of Hirezon Corporation. This easy-to-use web-based application supports you to streamline your organization's recruitment and hiring process.

ATS related additional modules, which are available as an option with additional fee: 

  • Forms Module for Position (Vacancy) Request and Hiring Proposal (Candidate Recommendation) for Review and Approval
  • Job Description Library
  • E-Form Module for employment application and other recruitment related consent or disclosure forms
  • References module for collecting confidential recommendation letter from References/Recommendation provider
  • Vendor/External Agency Management Module
  • Candidate Selection Matrix for Faculty Search

Interview Exchange ATS is integrated with other 3rd party products for

  • External job board posting
  • Background check services
  • Embedded Document Viewer -3rd party software tool (custom work)
  • PDF Bulk Download tool that supports generation of one PDF comprising of one or more candidates' documents (resume, cover letter, etc). -3rd party software tool (custom work)

Note: Contact Hirezon-IE support team for our ATS integrated 3rd party product details.

This ATS has permission based User accounts (see below) to support the needs of the given user in recruitment and hiring process.

  • Super Administrator
  • HR Administrator
  • HR Administrator with EEO data access
  • Recruiter
  • Hiring Manager
  • Reviewer
  • Vendor/External Search Firm/Agency (Optional)

Note:  Contact Hirezon-IE support team for optional External Authentication - Single Sign on.