Updated on 12/30/2019
Interview Exchange Candidate FAQ
Can I submit additional documents at a later time? How do I check to see if my documents went through via the online employment application system?
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You will receive an acknowledgement email for the position for which you applied. You can also see the documents that you submitted via your employer's career account. To login to your account, go to the career listing page of the employer's website. Click Returning Users Login on that page (screenshot below). Enter your email and password to log in to your account (screenshot below).

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Features available on this page:



Profile and Edit Profile

Allows you to update your profile information (new telephone no, change of email, change of address, etc).


Shows you the list of positions you have applied for with this employer in the past. This page allows you to add more documents to a current application, view the status of your past applications and respond to any questions by the employer.

NotificationsAny email notifications that you received from the employer for all your submitted applications

Help Desk

If you need assistance applying through the online employment application system you can contact us via this Help Desk.

FAQView all commonly asked Q&A (useful information).
Sign OutAfter submission of your Job Application, please sign out.

Return to Job Search

Will allow you to search all open jobs currently available.

Job Status

Shows you the status of the position i.e. Open, Closed, Filled, Follow-up


Using this section you can view the documents you've submitted for the respective job application. You can also add additional documents as per application instructions. Some employer allows you to update your previously submitted documents (e.g.: Cover Letter, Resume, etc.) only while the job is OPEN. Once the job is closed, you will not be able to replace / update / delete any of the previously submitted documents.


If you see this link next to a job application, it means that the employer has sent you a question via the online system and had requested a response. Click this link to see the employer's question and respond as required.


If you see this link next to a job application, it means that employer may contact you or your References directly during the review process. Click this link to see a list of References that you may have provided at the time of application and the status of those references.


You can click this link and follow the on-screen prompts to withdrawing your job application. Note: Once withdrawn, this action cannot be undone and you will not be able to apply for the same position again. 

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