Applicants may be asked to provide a list of 3 to 5 references by the employer. Please list those references. The employer may contact those references immediately as a part of the application process or contact you to request those references at the appropriate time during the review process. Our online system enables your references to attach a recommendation letter on your behalf directly.

This process is outlined in the steps below:

1. The employer contacts the references immediately as a part of the application process or sends an email to the candidate via the online system (screenshot 1/9) to request that their reference contacts submit a recommendation letter online.

Screenshot 1/9


  1. After logging into the employer's career account (your account dashboard), click References next to the relevant job application.

Screenshot 2/9

  1. Click Send to request references from previously entered reference contacts.

Note: Before clicking Send you can revise / update each reference for spelling corrections, email address, etc via Edit next to Send.

Screenshot 3/9

  1. After clicking Send the status will change from Not Sent to Sent with time stamp (screenshot 4/9 below).

Screenshot 4/9

  1. A sample of the automated email sent to a reference is below (screenshot 5/8)

Screenshot 5/9


  1. The reference can upload the reference letter via the online page:

Screenshot 6/9


  1. The following message appears after the recommendation letter is submitted successfully.

Screenshot 7/9

Screenshot image

  1. After the reference letter is submitted, the status on the candidate page will change from Sent to Completed with time stamp.

Screenshot 8/9

  1. The candidate will also receive an email notification that the reference letter has been submitted

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