Updated on 4/19/2019
Interview Exchange Candidate FAQ
Reference Module
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Q. I am not given an opportunity to list my References during the online application process. Why?
Q. The position requires an online reference list. What should I do?
Q. I am applying for a position and my reference list does not include a "Send" link to allow me to send requests for reference letters. How can I resolve this issue?
Q. How do I edit a reference's contact information in case of error?
Q. How do I submit a recommendation letter online?
Q. My reference provider did not receive an email from the system to upload the recommendation letter? What should I do?
Q. How do I remind my reference provider to upload the recommendation letter?
Q. The link that my reference provider received has expired or doesn't work, what should I do?
Q. Can I ask Interfolio to submit an existing Confidential Letter of Recommendation?